Saturday, June 4, 2011

zooeydeschanels said: Haha, I know. I switch on the TV and it was at this random part...and they just looked so CLOSE. Yeah, so for the whole time I was watching I had no idea that it was his mother. Their chemistry is insane. Maybe they should work on another movie together :P Oh, and the actress that plays Julia is James McAvoy's wife. GAH. Sorry...random little things like that excite me because I'm lame xD

Yes, you should totally tell me what it's like when you finish it :) I really want to watch it.

Yes, I did actually know that (about Anne-Marie Duff being married - well I thought they were just in a long-term relationship actually but anyway - to James McAvoy). I actually found that kind of ~interesting~ in a way, knowing that she is married to a much younger man (by around 9 years, I think?) and Aaron Johnson is also dating/engaged/married (whatever they are, it’s a longish-term relationship and she’s pregnant) to a woman who is also much older than him. So I guess maybe that’s why they had more chemistry than two other actors with an age disparity would. I don’t know. Since they were so good together, it might be nice to see them in a movie again. To be honest, as good looking as Aaron Johnson is, I’m not always the biggest fan of his acting, so him being in the movie wouldn’t necessarily draw me to it.

But I’ll write in your askbox when I finish the film later tonight!!